1. Are there any disagreements between or among the resulting orderings? If so why do you think…

1. Are there any disagreements between or among the resulting orderings? If so, why do you think that is the case? 2. What can be done to mitigate any observed disagreement between or among the resulting orderings? After discussing some possible techniques to reducing disagreement, if there were indeed any disagreements, apply some of those techniques until 100% agreement is reached. 3. Recall that tasks listed in a job description can largely be divided into behaviors (i.e. how to perform) and results (i.e. what outcomes should result from performance). In the job description you created, which of the tasks are behaviors and which tasks are outcomes? Are there more behaviors or more outcomes? Or, is there a strong balance between the two types of tasks? Whether there is such an imbalance or balance, do you think the observed (im)balance is justified? Explain. Please conduct a job analysis for the position “graduate student enrolled in a master s program in the general field of business.” This job analysis may benefit from interviewing incumbents (i.e., other students) as well as supervisors (i.e., faculty). In addition, of course, you can rely on your own knowledge of the “job.” By the end of your job analysis, follow the 0*NET format to create a summary description for the position as well as a list of tasks, knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for successful performance. Use the box “Summary Report for Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers (from 0*NET)” as a template.

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