1. What to Change? Complete a CRT to expose the logic which translates the key…

Assignment questions:
1. What to Change? Complete a CRT to expose the logic which translates the key
undesirable effects of the current state into one or more root causes. Select from the
root cause that which you consider to be the core problem – ie. That which is the
source of the most significant undesirable effects. (The CRT should fit onto one
A4/A3 size page)
2. What to Change to? Based on the core problem identified in the CRT (from 1 above),
complete an Evaporating cloud to identify the core conflict and propose one or more
injections to ‘evaporate the cloud’. An evaporating cloud is a necessity-based logic
diagram that describes conflicts and helps identify erroneous assumptions and/or
injections and resolve conflicts in a win-win? manner. (the completed EC will fit onto
one A4 page including assumptions and injections )
3. How to effect the Change? Develop an S&T Tree to validate/prove that the UP’s EA
plan (principles and architectural map) is both necessary and sufficient to achieve the
university strategic direction and goals.(Note: S&T tree to include the logic that
defines the necessary and sufficient EA principles and then to take 2 of these
principles down 1 level on the S&T tree. (the completed S&T tree should fit onto a
single A4/A3 page. However the 2 chosen principles that you take down 1 level will
require an additional A4 page each to document the detailed descriptions of the
strategy, tactics and assumptions)

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