1. Which airline was the first to fly the Airbus A380? a) Japan Airlines b) Singapore Airlines c)…

1. Which airline was the first to fly the Airbus A380?
a) Japan
b) Singapore
c) Cathay Pacific Airways
d) Emirates
e) China
Eastern Airlines

2. What is KrisWorld?
a) It is a religious weapon used for prayer ceremony.
b) It is a dance club offering trance music.
c) It is a courier service offering delivery within 24 hours
d) It is the
individualized in-flight entertainment system of Singapore Airlines.
e) It is a series of travel guide books produced by a
company in Singapore.

3. What is the basic concern of airline customers?
a) Moving in
good time from point A to point B.
b) Having more leg room in the plane.
c) More products for in-flight shopping.
d) Nice food and drinks.
e) Beautiful air stewardess.

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4. What is one method used by Singapore Airlines to find out
about customers’ views of the company’s performance?
a) Passenger
opinion surveys
b) Observation
c) Bookings for their flights
d) Usage and consumption level of the in-flight
entertainment system and beverages offered.
e) All of the above

5. You are already a marketing expert because __________.
a) as a consumer, you have already been involved in
marketing decisions
b) marketing is really only common sense
c) as a college student, you study marketing
d) there is really nothing to learn about marketing
e) marketing is innate knowledge that all are born with

6. A study of marketing can __________.
a) enable you to be a more informed citizen
b) help you in your career
c) demonstrate how marketing affects your life
d) make you a better consumer
e) do all of the above

7. Why does Singapore Airlines continually invest in
research and development and in new technology?
a) Its competitors are doing it.
b) To win more awards.
c) It is a young airline and needs to catch up.
d) Budget airlines are becoming a threat.
e) Service innovation has a short life span.

8. Marketing affects __________.
a) all individuals
b) all organizations
c) all industries
d) all countries
e) all of the above

9. __________ is the activity for creating, communicating,
delivering and exchanging offerings that benefit the organization, its
stakeholders and society at large.
a) Creative planning
b) Advertising
c) Selling
d) Marketing
e) Consumerism

10. Which of the following statements about small business
is most true?
a) It is impossible to pursue a marketing career in a small
b) Small businesses are the source of the majority of new
jobs in Asia.
c) Less than half of small businesses fail within the first
five years of their launch
d) Small business offers the owner a steady and stable
source of income with little risk
e) All of the above are true

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