2 Research Question Purpose Statement and Literature Review Exercise Top of Form Assignment Instr

2: Research Question, Purpose Statement, and Literature Review Exercise

Top of Form

Assignment Instructions

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IPE is concerned with the way in which politics and economics influence each other in the global arena.  That is, we're interested in the ways politics constrains (or motivates) economic choices as well as how economic variables affect political choices.  

For our course's research project, you will investigate the relationship between globalization and economic conflict.  Some questions you may wish to consider (not exclusive!):
     *  does trade/FDI make conflict more or less likely?
     *  how does conflict affect international trade?
     *  how does globalization affect the status of global terrorism?  Specifically, for this Research Question assignment you need to:

1.  Choose a specific case study (a particular country or bilateral relationship between two countries) and articulate a specific statement identifying the causal relationship between globalization and conflict.  

2.  In a one-to-two paragraph synopsis, provide a brief exposition of why you believe your argument has merit.  Of course, you are free to change your mind after conducting further research!

3. Include statistics to support your argument.

4.  Write a literature review of at least six sources.   You must watch this video before doing the literature review.  It explains how to do a literature review as opposed to an annotated bibliography.  Do NOT provide an annotated bibliography. 

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