As a leader trained in Health Informatics, you have been asked by the technology

As a leader trained in Health Informatics, you have been asked by the technology



Module 6 Presentation Discussion

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As a leader trained in Health Informatics, you have been asked by the technology taskforce at your healthcare organization to develop a presentation that highlights what would need to be considered as the organization plans for an enterprise-wide solution. This could be an EHR, PHR, telehealth system, lab information system etc.  You may select the type of system you wish to focus on for this assignment. It should not be vendor-specific.  The committee has asked that you develop a presentation that addresses the following:

  1. A summary of the software development life cycle (also sometimes referred to as the application life cycle, project life cycle or product life cycle) phases. In the summary, please identify the phase and discuss at least 3 key activities carried out during that phase.  Include at least 5 slides this.  You will be able to expand on some of the phases when you get to some of the other questions below.
  2. Respond to the following question: What are the business drivers for this new technology and who will the stakeholders be? – 1 slide
  3. How might you ensure that future users of the technology are engaged early in the process? – 1 slide
  4. What approach will you apply to engage future users of the technology early in the process? – 1 slide
  5. How will the organization benefit? How will the future user benefit? – 1 slide
  6. Most projects of this nature will involve feature requirements gathering. Describe how this requirements gathering will vary if you use the Agile method vs the Waterfall approach (front-heavy planning)? – 2 slides
  7. What would you include in a software requirement specification (SRS) document that specifies what is going to be built? – at least 2 slides
  8. The interface and user flow (how users use the system broken down by section and user type) should be considered before the user interface is developed.  What is the purpose of a wireframe? What would you consider as you develop the user flow?  – at least 2 slides
  9. Why might prototyping (creating mock-ups) be considered? Include at least one tool that can be used for prototyping  (one example – Adobe XD –  select a different tool )– 1 slide
  10. Would you consider a minimum viable product (MVP)? Why or why not? – 1 slide
  11. In 1-2 sentences for each: Unit testing, integration testing, system testing. Include on 1 slide.
  12. Question 11 addresses functional testing.  Please define non-functional testing. Will security checks be functional or non-functional testing? Will compatibility be considered functional or non-functional testing? – Include on 1 slide
  13. What crisis could occur upon implementation?  How will you manage the crisis? Discuss at least 2 crisis situations. – Include on 1 slide
  14. Why will it be important to include this product in the organization’s product roadmap? – 1 slide
  15. What might be included in a request for proposal – RFP? – 2 slides
  16. What other information would be useful to include?  – 2 slides

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