Courts in Social Change assignment help

Courts in Social Change assignment help

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We have covered a broad range of legal cases and issues from several jurisdictions — each with its unique approach to the law and, in particular, the role of the courts. Some of the decisions and opinions you may have found to be “uplifting”, reinforcing your view of what the courts should do; other rulings may have left you underwhelmed with their “incompleteness” or, worse, disappointed. These latter cases reveal the limits of what judges and courts can do. Perhaps thats a good thing? Every institution needs limits.

For the assignment, I want you to respond to the following:

To what extent are courts an effective vehicle for social change?

In your response, consider whether you think that courts are the best (or only) institution to fix society’s wrongs. Are other branches of government better suited to the task, especially given the court’s non-democratic attributes and lack of popular accountability? Perhaps we can’t “legislate” good will towards our fellow citizens and create a better society through Congress/Parliament, but does that mean we can “adjudicate” it using the courts? Support your answer using the cases and articles.

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