Discuss how technology influences the quality of medical care and quality of life.

  • Discuss how technology influences the quality of medical care and quality of life.
  • Discuss the challenges of technology in health care.

This original post should be no less than 400 words.

  1. No direct quotes.  This should be written in your own words of your understanding of the chapter material.  Paraphrasing needs to be referenced with in-text citations and the source referenced at the bottom of the post.
  2. Be sure that you proof-read your post before you submit it, as you will not be able to edit your post or resubmit your post once it has been turned in.
  3. Failure to use in-text citations and/or list references when using sources results in plagiarism and a zero for the discussion board assignment.  Again, your textbook is your main information source for this assignment.


#2 seperate assignment 

After reading and listening to the lesson under topic five you are to read and then paste a hyperlink of the MVV statement and strategic plan from the organization where you are employed.  This may require you to post a couple hyperlinks if these statements are on different pages of your organization’s website.  Some organizations may not have all three.  Paste what you can.  If your company does not have a MVV statement and strategic plan or you are not employed, then use one from a healthcare organization that is close to where you live.  If you work at GSU, use a health care organization in your area as an example. (Your link must be a direct link to each.  We should not have to search through pages to find the information you want us to see.)


  • Hyperlinks must open by clicking on the link within your post. Hyperlinks that do not open will receive a grade of zero.  (Once you submit your post be sure to test it.)
  • On a different day, open and read another student’s MVV & strategic plan hyperlink and give your comments on it.  follow APA format, and be free of grammar, structure, punctuation, and spelling error.
  • You only need to respond to one student.

How to copy a hyperlink to the DB

  1. Copy the link from the web address the information is found on.
  2. Paste the information directly on BB by clicking on the Control button and the letter V at the same time.
  3. Right click your mouse, scroll down and click on “link.”  A new window will open.
  4. Repaste the link on the first line of the new window that asks for the Link Path.
  5. Click on upload and you are done.  If the computer asks you to open it in a new window for your readers click yes.
  6. GOOD JOB!  🙂

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