Find a video on the the internet that pertains to Air Pollution




Find a video on the the internet that pertains to Air Pollution.  It can be about a specific type or it can be a general AIr Pollution.  It needs to come from a professional source and you need to make sure it isn’t for some kid.  I would recommend TED talks or something along those lines.  I want the video to be at least 10 minutes long, if you can’t do that, give me a combination of videos that make up to 10 minutes.  I want you to include the link to the video/s in your submission.  Then I want a paper, a reaction paper, telling me why you think this video is important and something that the rest of the class should watch.  If you need to cite references, do so in a references section of the paper. So in Summary:

  1. Find a video or videos of about Air Pollution or related topic
  2. Submit a reaction paper of video/s
    1. Paper should reference the video in the form of a weblink
    2. pages of why you feel this video would be good for others in your class to learn from, why to you believe it and your opinion of the topic and how it was handled in the video
    3. References to show the professionalism of the video, do some fact checking, I want at least 3 facts checked per video.
    4. Form of Paper
      1. Weblink
      2. Introduction to Video- What it is about
      3. Body of paper – Why is the video important/good, what can others learn, how was the topic handled
      4. Fact checking – Fact check at least 3 facts for the video and reference
      5. Opinion of Video and the Assignment
      6. Reference Page.

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