Air Pollution.

Air Pollution.



What is Air Pollution?

What is the main component of air pollution?

what is the cause and effect of air pollution?

How to Write an Annotated Bibliography

The purpose of writing an annotated bibliography is to help familiarize you, as a researcher and scholar, to the

vast knowledge that relates to your research question(s). By doing so, you become more knowledgeable about

the conversations related to your research question. In theory, by consistently writing out numerous annotations,

you slowly become an “expert” on your research topic/question.

You will want to annotate at least five sources relating to your research question(s). These sources can either be

from academic books or scholarly articles published in peer-reviewed journals. These sources must be

credible. In other words, there should be an abstract and a reference page w/in the sources. You will also

want to make certain your research is current (relatively speaking). It’s good practice to ensure that your

research (again, relatively speaking) extends back no further than a decade. And, of course, you can conduct

primary research: if you conduct interviews or surveys, etc., be certain to annotate this data.

Layout of the Annotated Bibliography

There will be three headings. They are:

1) Introduction

In this introduction, you are to provide some background and context for your concern. You

will also provide your research question. Make certain you also tell your reader what you will

do in this annotated bibliography. In other words, explain to your reader the overall layout of

the annotated bibliography.

2) Annotated Sources:

Here, you will outline this section as follows:

You will want to cite your source. These citations follow current MLA/APA style guidelines.

For example:

Robillard, Amy. “It’s Time For Class: Toward a More Complex Pedagogy of Narrative.”

College Composition. 66.1 (Sept., 2003): 74-92. Print.

Below the source you will want to provide three paragraphs.

Paragraph one: summarize the source

Paragraph two: prove you understand the main argument in the text. Here, you will make

ample references to the text (with in-text citations) in order to prove you understand the main

argument and main points within the article.

Paragraphs three: prove and show (by way of referencing the text w/ in-text citations) how the

source informs / answers / sheds light on your research question. In this third paragraph, you are

to repeat your question and explain how the source informs / answers / sheds light on your

research question.

You will do this for all five sources. And remember to put your sources in alphabetical order.

3) Conclusion / A Working Thesis

In the third and final heading you will conclude the annotated bibliography. You will also, again, restate

your research question. After doing this, you will provide the answer, which will be your working thesis

/ argumentative position. Remember: Research Question(s) + Answer = Thesis / Argumentative


Remember to put the AB in alphabetical order (like you would in a Reference or Work Cited page). You must

also adhere to either MLA or APA format.

Due Date:

Due Wednesday October 12th for Peer review (Please bring to class two hard copies)

Final draft will be submitted via Bb and is due before class on Monday October 17th

When submitting your AB to Bb, you will also be required to upload your research for your project. These

researched documents should be in a PDF.

Reminder: The Annotated Bibliography will be included in your final writing projects, which comprise 45

points of your final grade. Failure to complete this assignment will ultimately result in a failing grade in this


course. In other words, you cannot pass this class if you do not complete this assignment.

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