Collaborative Healthcare Nursing class

Collaborative Healthcare Nursing class



Collaborative Healthcare Nursing class. NR 447 Collaborative Healthcare.

Information from two websites must be used to create the power point.  I have attached the instructions for the paper.  The data will be taken from three different hospitals within 50 miles from zip  code 33708 (St. Petersburg, FL)  If you can gather all the relevant data, taken from the websites listed in the instructions and put them in an easy to read format I can then place them in a power point presentation.   I would like to use Morton Plant Hospital and Tampa General as the second one, the third can be of your choosing or you could use Palms of Pasadena (Which is a privately owned hospital).   If you can get all the basic data points and describe their relevance per the instructions I can take it from there and get it into a power point.    The less time I have to spend on it prior to handing it in the larger the tip will be :).

Please Note:

English grammar is extremely important.  I’ve had trouble with this in the past, being unable to use any of the paper related to English not being correct.  No judgement, I applaud the ability to speak a second language (which I  unfortunately do not),  but I  have to be able to use the paper.  It cannot be from something posted online as the college uses software to find plagiarism.  Unfortunately I’m attending a family funeral and I just dont have time to put all this data together.  Thank you for your help.  If I am able to use the entire paper I will happily leave a generous tip.  Again, English is important and please read all instructions thoroughly.

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