Diagnosis of Contraception initiation

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1. Diagnosis of Contraception initiation




1. Diagnosis of Contraception initiation

a. Explain the pathophysiology of Contraception initiation

b. Therapeutic Regimen of Contraception initiation

c. What lab test is required to diagnosis the contraception initiation and explain why

2. Diagnosis Asthma

a. Explain the pathophysiology of Asthma

b. Therapeutic Regimen of asthma

3. Diagnosis bronchitis

a. Explain the pathophysiology of bronchitis

b. Therapeutic Regimen of bronchitis

c. Explain why the chest posteroanterior and lateral views are ordered for this diagnosis

4. Diagnosis esophageal atresia with G-tube

a. Explain the pathophysiology of esophageal atresia with G-tube

b. Therapeutic Regimen of  esophageal atresia with G-tube

d. Explain why EGD is ordered for this diagnosis

c. Explain why esophageal function study acid reflux is ordered for this diagnosis

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