The PMHNP is working with a father and his teenage daughter.

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Question 63 The PMHNP is working with a father and his teenage daughter. The father has…



Question 63

The PMHNP is working with a father and his teenage daughter. The father has full custody of his daughter as of recently. He reports that the two of them get into arguments all the time over curfew, chores, and the daughter’s lack of responsibility that “she gets from her mother.” The daughter feels like the father never listens to her. Which of the following actions taken by the PMHNP demonstrates unbalancing the relationship?

A. Telling the father that he might be patient enough with the newness of having a teenage daughter in the house all the time
B. Asking the daughter to describe how she feels about the transition of living with her father full time
C. Inviting the father to speak directly to the daughter about what she can do to accommodate his lifestyle
D. Recommending the father find a hobby outside of the house to give his daughter alone time

Question 70

A PMHNP learns that the family has been experiencing dysfunction because a mother and her teenage son have been getting easily annoyed and yelling at each other. When using a strategic family therapy approach, which directive should the PMHNP suggest to solve the problem?

A. Have the family pretend they are not related for a given period of time
B. Encourage the family to let the problem control them until they solve it
C. Ask the family to exaggerate the problem by amplifying the behavior
D. All of the above


The PMHNP meets with an older adult couple having marital problems. The husband and wife both admit to the PMHNP that it is difficult for them to speak to each other because of how much they disagree on things lately. The husband complains that the wife is always talking about their issues to their adult daughter. The wife reports that the husband does the same thing. Using the Bowen Family Systems Therapy model, what does the PMHNP interpret about this family dynamic?

A. There is an emotional cutoff between the parents and their adult daughter.
B. There is a great deal of fusion in the family.
C. The parents are not dealing with their conflict by involving the daughter.
D. All of the above

Question 73

The PMHNP has just completed an intake assessment on a 15-year-old patient and believes the patient would benefit from family therapy. How does the PMHNP describe the goals of the therapy to the patient and the patient’s parents?

A. “One goal of family therapy is to help the family understand each other and work together to form a strong family bond.
B. “Our goal is to strengthen the patient’s internal influences.”
C. “Our goal is to focus on the relationships the patient has with relatives, as remembered.”
D. All of the above

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