Write a end of shift SBAR report.

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you are the nurse working triage in the emergency department. this afternoon, a woman brings in…



you are the nurse working triage in the emergency department. this afternoon, a woman brings in her
father, K.B., who is 74 years old. the daughter reports that over the past year she has noticed her father has
progressively had problems with his mental capacity. these changes have developed gradually but seem
to be getting worse. at times he is alert and at other times he seems disoriented, depressed, and tearful.
He is forgetting things and doing things out of the ordinary, such as placing the milk in the cupboard and
sugar in the refrigerator. K.B. reports that he has been having memory problems for the past year and
at times has difficulty remembering the names of family members and friends. His neighbor found him
down the street 2 days ago, and K.B. did not know where he was. this morning he thought it was night-
time and wondered what his daughter was doing at his house. He could not pour his own coffee, and he
seems to be getting more agitated. a review of his past medical history is significant for hypercholester-
olemia and coronary artery disease. He had a myocardial infarction 5 years ago. K.B.’s vital signs today are all within normal limits. After review of K.B.’s history and diagnostic test results, K.B. is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia. The
physician calls a family conference to discuss the implications with K.B. and his daughter. K.B. is discharged and sees his primary care physician 2 days later. K.B. receives a prescription for donepe-
zil (Aricept) 5mg PO per night. As you review the prescription with K.B.’s daughter, she tells you that she is “excited” because she did not know there were medications that could cure Alzheimer’s disease. Two weeks later, K.B.’s daughter calls the physician’s office and states, “I realize that the Aricept will not
cure my dad, but there has been no improvement at all. Are we wasting our money?”
Write a end of shift SBAR report.

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