Century World History Paper

20th Century World History Paper 1 Instructions: Submit your essay by the due date. Make sure you include plenty of specific examples. For instance, do not say “early American colonists were not happy.” Instead, say “early American colonists resented taxation without representation such as through the Stamp Act or Townshend Acts.” Requirements: – 500-750 words. – 12 point font – Readable style (Times New Roman, Arial, etc.) – Left-Justified – Name and title on the top of the front page. Prompts: Select one of the following topics and explore issues related. You do not need to address all of these items, or may want to include others. Be sure to have a thesis driven statement that structures and organizes your paper. Include lots of details and examples to remain grounded in history. 1. Imperialism & Colonization: What is the relationship between empires and colonies? How does one inform the other? Think about the relationship between colony, empire, periphery, metropole, capitalism, and other aspects that fuel state expansion or declension. 2. State and Non-State Actors: Choose 1 state and 1 non-state actor. They can be current or historical. How do they interact? How do they influence and impact policies and choices made by the other? 3. International Challenges & Cooperation: What are major benefits or negatives to international cooperation? Why might some states join together in opposition to others? What binds nations to obligate responsibilities? Grading: Writing Clarity A-Level B-Level C-Level Writing is clear with specific examples illuminating points made. Writing is strong, but lacks specific examples. Writing is unclear, unspecific, and has distracting typos Thesis Statement Thesis is written clearly and directly address the question, Thesis is present, and only address some parts of the question Thesis is unclear or unrecognizable. Does not relate to the questions asked. Formatting Paper is clear with title, name, and correct font and type. Paper has some structural problems, but still readable Major issues with formatting that detract from the paper’s content. Argument Stane and argument is clear and precise. Continues throughout essay without much deviation Argument is present, but is not adequately supported with enough specific examples. Argument is unclear, vague, or paper does not address in a clear way Grammar & Syntax Little to none typos or distracting grammatical or structural problems. Few grammatical errors such as run-on sentences, typos, and overlong paragraphs. Distracting grammatical issues.

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