History of the Environmental Movement Information

Part A. History of the Environmental Movement Information for part A should come from chapter 1 in the textbook and/or the lesson 1 lecture – no references needed. Stag Name of stage e Time Frame Main characteristic(s) of stage (1-2 sentences each) Two influential people that contributed to each stage (8 people total) – with brief description of their main contributions (1-2 sentences for each person) 1 2 3 4 Part B. Today’s Environmental Movement When you think of the Environmental Movement today, which person or organization comes to mind? Alternatively which person or organization do you think is most influential in today’s environmental movement? Include a reference to one article, website or video about this person or organization, and briefly describe what you learned from that resource. Also describe why you chose this person or organization. Length for part B: 100-200 words. Hmwk2: Video: Plant Communication After watching this video, address the questions below in your own words. Remember that in order to persuade your reader that you are knowledgeable, describe and reference specific scenes in the video to support what you are saying being sure to footnote and provide a time stamp from the video [Reference: Buffie, Erna. 2013. What Plants Talk About. Nature Television Program, PBS]. You should be able to answer these questions by watching the video without needing outside sources. Your document will be scanned by the Turnitin software for any evidence of plagiarism. Watch the video: https://youtu.be/Pf6xf_csABQ HOMEWORK QUESTIONS: 1. Before watching this video, did you think there was a social side to plants (ex. communication, warfare)? What surprised you about plants after watching this video? 2. According to this video, what are the most common ways plants communicate with one another? What are some specific examples? 3. What is an example of how plants “commit warfare” in this video? 4. How important are social cues to plants belowground? Give at least 2 examples from the video.

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