Human Population Worksheet

Human Population Worksheet Part 1: 1 Post(due Wed.) + 2 Replies (due Sun.) Part 2: answering questions Video (20 points) A Growing Human Population A. Before you start watching the video, check the current size of the world’s human population, and write down the number: Links to an external site.Links to an external site. Then watch Hans Rosling’s TED talk (10 min): s to an external site. (alternative link: )Links to an external site. 1. According to Rosling, is the distance between the poorest and the richest smaller or larger in 2010 compared to 1960? (in terms of wealth) 2. Where in the world will the majority of the population growth happen over the next few decades? 3. What does Rosling believe is the key to stopping population growth? 4. Are his views more closely related to Marx or Malthus? Explain. When you are done preparing your response, check the size of the human population again; How much has the human population increased since you started this assignment? Surprised? Why or why not? Submit your answers as a Word document in the “A growing human population” assignment folder.

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