Please answer the following 3 essay questions outlining the applicant’s personal interests and career goals

1 Please answer the following 3 essay questions outlining the applicant’s personal interests and career goals. The answers may be either in Farsi or English. The information is checked with your consultant and the required edits are made by our Writing Dept. FDU uses the answers to these questions to evaluate if the applicant is the right fit for the program. FDU also uses it to evaluate their writing skills. Please write a genuine response to each of the following questions. Hello, my name is Fatemeh Vaelizadeh, and I am applying for Master of Administrative Science – Global Health and Human Services Administration at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Vancouver, British Columbia, and I am answering these 3 questions based on my information, idea, and knowledge. 1. How do you think this Graduate Degree can help you achieve your career goals? (400 or more words) First, thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Delaram Ghaffari from Iran. Administrative science is an interesting course that can help individuals achieve and grow their administrative skills and leadership qualities for all interested candidates. A Master’s in Administrative science helps improve rational and non-cognitive directions. I have always been interested in this degree course because I strongly believe I can achieve my career goals as I have always desired. I chose the university of Fairleigh Dickson to study global health and human services administration to help me prepare and make an impact in my workplace and excel in my industry. Human health services aim to work in the global attempt to prevent disease spread, promoting good health worldwide. In coordination with other organizations like WHO, we can help treat sick and injured patients, which can help save lives. This study can help us acquire knowledge and experience in managing and responding to disasters like the artificial and natural disasters we deal with in our everyday society. I did my diploma in experimental science and a degree in midwifery from the university of Karaj Azad University in Iran. I have always had a passion for helping in achieving the universe’s health by providing maternal health care to all the patients at stake in a setting of low resources. I have worked in midwifery for about two years and noticed that most of the midwifery are women. Other than that, many challenges are in the midwifery section, long working hours, fatigue, mistreatments, late payment, and more. I decided to be a part of my community by offering quality services to all who need maternal health care. Studying global health science and services is important in growing my career goals in promoting better health results for vulnerable populations and helping all communities worldwide. So, studying for this degree can help me acquire knowledge of planning and directing medical services in clinics. This degree will help me accept changes in the medical sector and develop strategies to manage them from all perspectives and approaches. It also has some advantages, such as being flexible in pursuing different courses in different environments like working in dental clinics, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, and more. Another advantage of doing this master’s degree course would be to get a higher salary than those who have only completed an undergraduate degree. Lastly, it allows stable employment, unlike other professions where people are not guaranteed where they would work after graduation 2. Please describe your greatest achievement (150 words) My profession, working as midwifery, has always made me proud as it has helped in supporting different women from different families through their pregnancy and laboring and after time of delivery. I have gained experience in examining pregnant women and looking after them, provision of their emotional support, Administration of medication, carrying out screening tests of patients, taking care of those 2 women in labor, taking patient’s temperature ad pulses, and recording them. It has always been a privilege to help women bring another life to the earth with minimal to no complications. Lastly, I have always admired being a part of the staff of the medical sector to help those people who come from vulnerable homes and communities and save lives. These are my greatest achievements since I have been able to work in different environments, such as the local clinics in my home area, expectant mothers’ homes, and others. 3. What motivates and inspires you? (150 words) My greatest motivation is that I can offer my health care services to my fellow citizens in Iran. There has been the emergence of different diseases, some of which are contagious and deadly, all over the world, and as a result, they have claimed millions of lives. This degree in global health and human services has been an inspiration and a motivation for me to provide services all over the world to vulnerable populations and save the lives of such individuals. Firstly, I can work with other health organizations to prevent outbreaks of global diseases and provide solutions to them. Another thing that inspired me is that this study deals with real-life situations and creates a wide opportunity in the field of careers. As much as this degree has many benefits and opportunities, I also wish to continue my studies related to my bachelor’s degree as my long-term profession.

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