World Mythology Pantheon Creation Instructions

HUM10159A0 World Mythology Pantheon Creation Instructions This semester, the assessments will be about creating your own mythologies, and the first place we will start is with the creation of your own pantheon. Using the attached documents and links as examples, you are going to create your own pantheon for your mythologies. Write one paragraph per god, addressing the following criteria: For your mythologies, you must have the following 5 deities (but you are allowed to create as many as you like). These are the 5 that you need to create: • • • • • King/Queen of the gods God/Goddess of the Afterlife (could be of the underworld, heaven, dead, etc). God/Goddess of War God/Goddess of the Water (can be freshwater or salt, seas or rivers) God/Goddess of Knowledge. You need to name your deities as well as explain what their powers are and if they control any elements. Your gods/goddesses must also have at least 2 symbols (see the attachments), at least 1 weapon, and an animal companion/familiar. Also, explain their personality (i.e. Zeus was a serial cheater) and their relationship (are they enemies? family?) with your other gods. You will be using these gods in later assessments. Please make sure to follow the MLA formatting style (heading, double-spacing, etc). Attachments Norse Pantheon.docx (25.32 KB) Roman Mythology.docx (106.48 KB) MLA Checklist.docx (14.81 KB) List of Slavic Deities with Details List of Egyptian Gods with Details Download All Files Hide Rubrics Rubric Name: Pantheon Rubric Print Criteria Gods/Goddesses About the gods/goddesses Format Excellent 3 points Proficient 2 points Student successfully created 5 Student successfully created gods and included all required most required, and included information. most of the required information. Fair 1 point Student did not create all necessary gods OR did no include all required inform The gods created are unique. They have no similarities to existing gods (like Greek or Egyptian gods). The gods created are mostly The gods created are som unique. They have few unique. They have severa similarities to existing gods (like similarities to existing go Greek or Egyptian gods). Greek or Egyptian gods). The journal is correctly formatted, including heading, headers, spacing, etc. -The journal is mostly correctly -The journal has some cor formatted, including heading, elements of format, but is headers, spacing, etc. a few things (like header) -The heading is correct (Name, -The heading is correct (Name, class, date). class, date). OR -The heading is not correc -The student used an original title. -The student used the name of the assignment as their title. OR -The student used the nam assignment as their title. Criteria Excellent 3 points Spelling, mechanics, punctuation -The student carefully -The student proofread their proofread their work, and there work, and there are minimal are no mistakes. mistakes. Total Score of Pantheon Rubric, / 12 Overall Score Level 4 11 points minimum Level 3 8 points minimum Level 2 5 points minimum Level 1 0 points minimum Proficient 2 points Fair 1 point -he student did not closely proofread their work, and are multiple mistakes.

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