Case 2 – Changing Physician Credentialing

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Case 2 – Changing Physician Credentialing You are the Chairperson of the Department of Surgery and…



Case 2 – Changing Physician Credentialing

You are the Chairperson of the Department of Surgery and you attend the quality committee meetings. You do not have a vote on the quality committee because you need to carry out the recommendations of that committee. The committee is reviewing several cases of Dr. Monitor, one of the busiest surgeons on staff. These cases have had bad outcomes and the committee is concerned about Dr. Monitor’s surgical judgment. When each case is reviewed individually, it appears the issues are minor. However, upon detailed review of many of Dr. Monitor’s cases, a devastating pattern of events has emerged and the committee feels his practice patterns are not safe for the patients at this hospital. The committee has several choices; all choices are, however, only recommendations to you, the department Chairperson. The surgeon under scrutiny is not known to be arrogant or malicious and is, in fact, well liked. When you discuss these events with the partners in his practice, you find they are also concerned about Dr. Monitor’s practice patterns. You ask the committee to hold off on a recommendation giving you the opportunity to discuss the situation with the surgeon. After a very open discussion with Dr. Monitor and one of his partners, the Division Chief, you ask Dr. Monitor to voluntarily give up his privileges to perform the procedures that are in question. After being informed that he can only assist one of his partners in the procedures of concern, Dr. Monitor cordially agrees to comply with this recommendation. At the next quality committee meeting, you announce Dr. Monitor has volunteered to reduce his privileges.


1 – Write a background statement

2- What are the major problems and secondary issues?

3- Your Role

4- Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses

5- Alternatives and Recommended Solution

6- Evaluation


Case Write-Up

Background Statement

A Wiccan patient who visited a nondenominational community hospital was discussing her religious beliefs with her primary care nurse, Penny Baker, when suddenly another nurse, Ruth Goose, walked into the conversation and rudely stated, “Thou shalt not suffer a witch amongst you.” The Wiccan nurse felt offended and complained that she was discriminated in the hospital because of her religious beliefs.

Major Problems and Secondary Issues

The major problem is that the two nurses, Penny Baker and Ruth Goose, made the patient feel unwelcomed in the nondenominational community hospital because of her Wiccan religious beliefs. The secondary issues that the nondenominational community hospital may face is that the Wiccan patient is threatening to go to the media. This means that there may be news coverage that your hospital engages in religious discrimination. This may make people, especially Wiccans, look down on your medical services.

Your Role

In this case, I am the Vice President of Nursing Services. As stated in the text, it writes, “You are the Vice President of Nursing Services in a nondenominational community hospital, and you receive a complaint from a patient, who is a Wiccan.” The advantages of this role are that I can sit down with Penny and Ruth to let them know that religious discrimination is not to be tolerated while we are caring for the patients. The disadvantages of this role are that I must decide how I am going to discuss this matter with Penny and Ruth because they’re passionate about being against the Wiccan patient. I need to let Penny and Ruth know that our patient’s care matters above everything else, not what religion they practice.

Organizational Strengths and Weaknesses

As the Vice President of Nursing Services, my strengths are that I can hold a training on racial, ethnic, and religious diversity. This training can supplement nurses with the information they need to work in a diverse environment. Nurses need to know that they must treat their patients justly despite their identity. The weaknesses I may face are that the two nurses are very religious themselves. They may not listen to what I have to say about religious discrimination because the two nurses try to justify their act by saying, “She did the right thing. We don’t have to pray with witches. They worship Satan. It’s blasphemy. What’s next? Human sacrifice?”

Alternatives and Recommended Solution

As a solution for this problem, I will make sure to provide all the nurses working in the hospital with diversity training. It is important that I sit down with the nurses and make it clear that discrimination will not be tolerated while they are working in our hospital. I can also offer every patient visiting the hospital with a survey. The patient can fill out the survey to let us know how they felt about their stay. Nurses who’ve been accused of any sort of discrimination, will have to speak with management. We would keep these incidences of discrimination in a file, and it the dilemma does not change, I would have to begin writing up the nurses. Discrimination would not be tolerated while the patient is in the hospital trying to recover from a medical condition. I would also recommend Penny and Ruth write an official letter of apology to the Wiccan patient before she decides to go to the media. Writing the official letter of apology would be my first recommended solution to Penny and Ruth, so that the patient does not feel unwelcomed to our hospital’s services in the future.


If there are enough surveys to prove that our medical treatment is getting better and there are less patients coming from the patients about discrimination, then I would know that the instances of discrimination have stopped. The goal is to aid in the medical recovery of patients. Patients must also feel welcomed to our hospital services despite their identity. By getting fewer, or even better, no discrimination complaints, I would know that my diversity trainings and meetings have worked.

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