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John J. is a school nurse at Jackson Elementary School, which was built in 1960. Nurse…



John J. is a school nurse at Jackson Elementary School, which was built in 1960. Nurse John hasnoticed that many students from Ms. Zee’s second grade class have come to the clinic
complaining about coughing, sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes. Nurse John has also observed that Steven Tea, the only asthmatic student in Ms. Zee’s class, has had more asthma
attacks this year than he did last year. Because the rest of the school is not experiencing the same respiratory problems, Nurse John is concerned that something in Ms. Zee’s classroom is
causing students to feel ill.
Nurse John decides to visit Ms. Zee’s classroom. Upon entering the classroom, one of the few located in the school’s basement, John is struck by the powerful musty smell that inhabits the
room. While talking to Ms. Zee, John learns that the classroom has “smelled bad for years,” and that students from previous years have complained about respiratory problems. Nurse John notes that Ms. Zee has stuffed a blanket at the base of the classroom’s small rectangular window near the ceiling because the window does not close completely. John suspects that Ms. Zee’s classroom walls are contaminated with mold. Upon further research, Nurse John learns that if water gets between the exterior and the interior of a building’s wall, mold can grow in the moist environment. This situation can occur as the result of construction defects in the building (e.g., leaky windows). Nurse John also learns that people who are exposed to extensive mold growth may experience allergic reactions, such as hay fever-like allergy symptoms, and that people who already have a chronic respiratory disease, such as asthma, may experience difficulty breathing when exposed to mold. Nurse John is concerned about the possible mold contamination effect on his asthmatic student, Steven.

DIRECTION: Using Nursing process you are assign to make a Community Care Plan, your main focus Of your nursing care plan is to facilitate standardized, evidence-based and holistic care.


– Introduction about the problem

– Assessment
– Community Diagnosis or statement of the problem:


objective (at
least two)
Intervention Resources
Time Table Outcome
Use SMART as
your guide in
creating a good
Link with
Achieve within
specified time
Determine if
objective had

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