Choose the correct letter of the answer.

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Choose the correct letter of the answer. 1. Mr. Su believes that his child developed the…

Choose the correct letter of the answer.

1. Mr. Su believes that his child developed the ways of thinking and behaving that make up a community’s culture through cooperative dialogues with more knowledgeable members of the society. Under which theory is Mr. Su’s belief anchored on?

a. Ecological c. Psychoanalytic
b. Ethological d. Sociocultural

2. Mary Rose found an opportunity to cheat with her seatmate. However, she is worried about getting caught by her professor. In Freud’s theory, Mary rose was probably prevented from cheating by her ____________.

a. Id c. Superego
b. Ego d. Level between ego and superego

3. As a parent, Gela believes that her child is socially dependent at the beginning of the child’s cognitive life. It means that development is dependent on social interaction. What developmental theory is this anchored on?

a. Sociohistorical theory c. Psychoanalytic Theory
b. Ecological theory d. Ethological theory

4. Riza observed that her 9-month old nephew is able to create words and seem to gain the ability to represent symbol in mind as suggested by his nephew’s deferred imitation play. What perspective is observed in this situation?

a. Behaviorist c. Nativist
b. Cognitivist d. Interactionist

5. Which practices can be best used for teaching literacy to children with disabilities?

a. Work cooperatively with the aid that accompanies the child.
b. Help parents make the appropriate language choice for their children
c. Both A and B
d. Neither A nor B

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