Eating and Exercise Disorders

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Chapter 15: Eating and Exercise Disorders Case 2 – Kate, the Marathon Runner Kate is an…



Chapter 15: Eating and Exercise Disorders

Case 2 – Kate, the Marathon Runner

Kate is an experienced 22-year-old marathon runner who trained intensively to qualify for the Boston Marathon and successfully set a new personal record at a qualifying marathon 1 month ago. She will run the Boston Marathon in 3 months. Over the course of her training, Kate inadvertently lost about 15 pounds. She says she thinks it is because she religiously committed to a physical fitness program and after workouts never felt that hungry. She says that she would get home from a long day of work, which was followed by a training run, and at least two or three times per week, go right to bed with a small post-exercise snack but without dinner. She comes to you today as her coach and confides in you that her weight loss and feeling of guilt when she misses a workout is starting to concern her and she would like to get some help.

  1. List at least four reasons that you are concerned about Kate’s story.





  1. List at least four facts from Kate’s story that are reassuring.





  1. What disordered eating and/or exercise patterns are possibilities for Kate, based on this scenario?





  1. Based on the information presented, does Kate meet criteria for the diagnosis of any eating or exercise disorders?





  1. What further information would you like to know?




  1. What is your next step in helping Kate?

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