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TEMPLATE FOR PRE-CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS ON ASSIGNED PATIENTS (Jared Griffin) Who is my client? (for example: age,…


  1. Who is my client? (for example: age, marital status).

❖ Patient’s initials

❖ Patient’s sex and gender

❖ Patient’s age

❖ Admission date


  1. State significant events of this hospitalization (admitting diagnosis, surgery, emotional crises, fracture).

❖ Admission reason

❖ Pertinent medical and surgical history

Medical Hx

Surgical Hx=


  1. What are your major concerns for this patient today?

Reason for seeking care (history of present illness) .

❖ Paint a picture of the patient’s problem(s), including:

➢ Discussion of the pathophysiology


  1. Discussion of how the medical and surgical history impacts the current problem(s)

• Impact on normal body function

• Signs and symptoms (and rationale for those signs and symptoms)

• Important laboratory and diagnostic exam results and the significance

• Discuss Common complications experienced because of your patient’s problem(s)


5. Patient’s current treatment plan (Discuss diet, activity, medications, therapy, etc.)


  1. Discuss the nursing plan of care for your patient –

• What will you focus on?

• What are your key safety considerations for the day?


Location: Orthopedic unit 0800

SBAR report from a night nurse:

Situation: Jared Griffin is a 63-year-old African American male who had a right total knee arthroplasty (TKA) yesterday morning.

Background: Mr. Griffin has a history of MRSA, which was diagnosed 3 years ago when he had surgery for a hammertoe. A nasal swab was done in the office during his recent preoperative check that came back positive for MRSA. Decolonization protocol was initiated prior to the admission for the total knee procedure and he is currently under contact precautions per hospital policy. He has a history of osteoarthritis and mild hypertension.

Assessment: Mr. Griffin is afebrile with a temp of 37.2 °C (99.8 °F), and vital signs have been stable during the night. Pain level has been at a 2–3. He has dangled his feet off the side of the bed and will have physical therapy in his room at 1000. He has been able to bend his knee to a 75-degree angle and the goal is 90 degrees. The surgeon changed Mr. Griffin’s dressing, and discontinued the drain and IV fluids, at 0700 on his morning round. His labs just came up, but I haven’t had a chance to look at them yet.

Recommendation: You’ll need to go in and do your morning assessment. Continue with contact precautions, and observe for signs and symptoms of infection. (Vsim online)

Please this question need to be answered in full. Questions 1 – 5

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