The Musculoskeletal System

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The Musculoskeletal System 1. A community nurse is managing the care of an older adult. In…

The Musculoskeletal System

1. A community nurse is managing the care of an older adult. In an attempt to maximize the patient’s musculoskeletal health and minimize the risk of physical injury, the nurse is preparing educational information to be delivered at the next home visit.

  1. What areas of concern should the nurse include in the patient’s information regarding osteoporosis?
  2. What areas should be discussed to best address risk reduction and health promotion strategies to reduce musculoskeletal injuries and disease?

2. A worker comes to the pain clinic following a back injury at work while lifting a heavy object. He is complaining of low back pain and leg pain. The nurse practitioner is suspecting a herniated disc.

  1. What are possible causes of low back and leg pain?
  2. What assessment findings would confirm the possibility of a herniated disc?

Cranial Nerves:

1. A nurse is about to conduct a physical assessment of an 82-year-old patient.

What questions should the nurse ask to determine the best approach to this examination based on the patient’s physical and emotional needs?

2.Assessment of the eyes will primarily focus on which cranial nerves?

Assessing Older Adults

1. A nurse is about to create a teaching plan for an older adult patient that focuses on health promotion and risk reduction.

a. Which areas of health promotion and counseling are specific to the older adult?

b. Which screening tools are appropriate in the assessment of older adults?

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