After reviewing the attached example case study (not your case study this is practice for that) pl

After reviewing the attached example case study (not your case study, this is practice for that), please make mission and vision statement and a list of values

Mission Statement:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

1 Does it define the organizations’ products and services in the markets in which it competes?

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2 Does it communicate where the company is, and where it’s going?

3 Does it define an expressed concern for his key stakeholders?

4 Does it motivate employees and reflect actual daily practice?

5 Does it touch on the organizations commitment to economic objectives?

6 Does it incorporate the organization’s values?

7 Does it reveal what competitive advantage distinguishes this organization from its competitors?

8 Does it suggest the level and nature of the organization’s social commitment?

Vision Statement: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

1 Does it express what the organization wants to become?

2 Does it foster commitment and galvanize employees to action?

3 Is it short enough to remember, and it’s easy to understand?

4 Does it show employees what they are working for, and give meaning to their day-to-day work?

Based on what you’ve gathered about the organizations mission and vision, please list values you see that are prevalent (List a minimum of seven values)

Values: ______________________________________________________________________________________

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