Answer the following questionsI’m researching “CVS Caremark Corporation” PLEASE INCLUDE REFERENCES

Answer the following questions,I’m researching “CVS Caremark Corporation” PLEASE INCLUDE REFERENCES:

Financial Ratio Analysis

Potential investors and current shareholders look closely at firms’ financial ratios, making detailed comparisons to industry averages and to previous periods of time Visit a website that offers free access to the company’s most recent financial ratios Make a copy of the ratio information provided and record the source Calculate the following financial ratios and indicate whether the ratio is a Strength, Weakness, or Neutral for the company Use the chart shown below Would your team invest in this company? Ratio
Fixed Assets Turnover
Total Assets Turnover
Inventory Turnover
Accounts Receivable Turnover
Debt to total assets
Debt to equity
Long-term debt to equity
Times-interest-earned ratio
Return on assets
Return on equity
Gross profit margin
Operating profit margin
Net profit margin
Revenue per share
Price-earnings ratio (Company’s name) Evaluation EPS
Net Income Growth

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