Application for The School Psychology Essay

Application for The School Psychology Essay

Assignment Instructions: Please write a 300-800 word essay in APA format (with a title page) explaining why you are choosing to pursue my Education Specialist (EDS) in School Psychology at Ottawa University and how it will benefit you. I attached a separate word document template to help guide you in writing the Essay. Here is more information about the Ed Specialist in School Psychology Program at Ottawa University: Ottawa First Name Last Name January 08, 2017 Page 1 of 2 Intro paragraph- tell us why you’re writing. List the things you will talk about; How did you hear about Ottawa? Why now? Why this degree? What is your end goal? How does your degree with Ottawa University help you reach that end goal? Second Paragraph -Share how your work experience, what you have learned in life both at the college and through your other life experience, etc. have led to the position and career you have now. Third Paragraph – share more about the future goal and how this all ties in together what your future will look like with this. Fourth paragraph Summarize – Therefore, with the leadership and management degree program I see myself using this and my life experience to…… share a little bit about why this degree secures your future ability to care for your husband/family/yourself. How would this help you lead a life of significance? Thank you for your time,

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