Assessment #1 – Essay (Graded) Discuss what Management is what Managers do and what skills… 1 answer below »

Assessment #1 – Essay (Graded)Discuss what Management is, what Managers do and what skills Managers need

In this assignment students are urged to first provide an introduction that embodies the questions that are being asked and which sets out the steps by which the questions will be answered. The introduction to an academic assignment is very important. It ‘sets the scene’ for what is to follow.
A reader should (ideally) be able to look at the introduction to an academic assignment and get an overall idea of the theme of the assignment and the steps by which it will be addressed. The introduction should be about 10% of the total word count for the entire assignment – and presented in one, single, paragraph at the beginning of the assignment. References should not be included in the introduction – these come later in the body of the assignment.
The introduction should be self-explanatory. A reader should be able to get a really good idea of the entire assignment just by reading the introduction. In other words it should be ‘self-contained’ and stand alone.
The assignment should also include a conclusion which succinctly summarises the whole assignment. This should be the final paragraph of the assignment. Like the introduction, the summary should also be presented as one, single, paragraph and be about 10% of the total word count for the assignment.
A Reference List should also be included – this does not form part of the word count for the assignment. Please note that a Reference List should only list those references that are directly referred to in the body of the assignment itself, as in-text referencing.
Although this first assignment is titled ‘Essay’ students do have a choice of format. It is acceptable to present your work in a format with which you feel comfortable – whether that be strictly an essay (no sub-headings in the assignment) or more like a report (sub-headings may be included within the assignment). Having said that, however, it is still necessary to be able to see an introduction, a conclusion and a comprehensive Reference List within the assignment.
There should be evidence of your own research – that is, the incorporation of quotes and ideas from published work. It is not appropriate to have references from Wikepedia or from the general internet. Students need to use references that have been published in reputable books, journals and (if appropriate) newspapers and magazines.
While it is difficult to advise students how many reference sources are ‘needed’ it is expected that there would be a minimum of 5 references in this assignment.
Criteria for the marking of this assignment include:
– number of references;
– how these references are used (‘analysis’ not merely ‘description’ – there is a big difference between these terms)
– how well these references are cited (in the body of the work and at the end in the Reference List)
– whether the assignment has a good introduction
– English grammar, expression, correct punctuation, lay-out
– submission on time (there is a 10% per day or part-day penalty for late submission)
– inclusion of examples from the ‘real world’ if appropriate, but backed-up by references.

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