Assessment #3 – Performance system project (Graded) Question Based on your reading of your… 1 answer below »

Assessment #3 – Performance system project (Graded)


Based on your reading of your prescribed text as well as your learning and reflection from Assignments 1 and 2, develop a “Strategic Improvement” to a performance management system for the organisation you work for or an organisation that you know.

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Refer to the guide on Writing Essays
Introduction: Approximately 200 words
Brief background to the topic.
Statement of point of view in response to the topic, i.e. why should organisations develop a performance management system suited to their management culture, organisational structure, competitive strategy and key performance requirements and which system seems best for this purpose?
Body: Approximately 1600 words
What constitutes your “Strategic Improvement” to your performance management system?
Is there evidence to suggest that this “Strategic Improvement” you have developed would be effective in managing organisational, or individual, or organisational and individual performance? This includes justifying that your performance system improvement would be valid, reliable and fair and that it would be compatible with the topic you considered in Assignment 1. You need to use heavy referencing in this section, and you are permitted to reference all of the articles from your Annotated Bibliography and the articles assigned as class readings. You need to use 10 refereed journal articles and at least 5 other sources for a minimum of 15 sources.
Conclusion: Approximately 200 words
What would be the outcomes of the system you have developed?
List what constitutes performance management.
List the common reasons given for introducing a performance management system.
List the arguments for and against an annual performance assessment form.
List what makes a performance instrument valid, reliable and fair.
List the outcomes of your system.

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