Assignment 2 Read the â??Citibank Performance Evaluationâ? case Assume that you are Lisa Johnson W

Assignment 2  

Read the “Citibank: Performance Evaluation†case

Assume that you are Lisa Johnson Write a 4-6 page paper in which you:

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1 Complete Exhibit One to evaluate James McGaran’s performance

2 Describe the approach you would take in your performance feedback session with James What would you say, in what sequence would you say it, and what information would you reference to back up what you are saying?

3 Assume that as a result of your extraordinary performance in this course, Citibank California has employed you as a consultant to improve its performance evaluation system Discuss what changes in their processes and procedures you would recommend

Your assignment should adhere to these guidelines:

• Write in a logical, well-organized, conventional business style Use Times New Roman font size 12 or similar, double-space, and leave ample white space per page

• All references must follow JWMI style guide, and works must be cited appropriately Check with your professor for any additional instructions on citations

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