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Discussion Board

Answer the Discussion Board board questions in paragraph form and reply to at least 1 classmate.  Joan Leikvold was hired by Valley View Community Hospital as an operating room supervisor in 1972. She did not have a contract for a specific duration, nor was she told that the hospital would not discharge her except for […]

case study

Your individual project in t his Unit is based on the “Target Hires Key Executive Away from Amazon” case study located at the end of Chapter 6 in your textbook. In order to complete this assignment, read that case study and respond to the questions below in a 2-page MS Word document. Answer each question […]

national security

What branch of government should have control over issues of national security (e.g., sending troops into combat, air strikes, covert operations, etc.)? Support your answer with references to the constitutional text and history, the opinions of our Founders, Supreme Court cases, and relevant Biblical principles. Primary posts should be 250-350 words.What branch of government should […]

Customary International Law

Question 2: Libya recently announced that it is claiming a 200-mile zone off its coast as its territorial waters (and airspace). To stake its claim, Libya placed armed warships across the 200 mile line and warned the world that this line constitutes a “line of death” to anyone who might cross it. Customary International Law establishes […]

society’s perception

my topic is Pennsylvania State University Jerry Sandusky Child sex abuse in 10-13 pages please include the following: You have been tasked with investigating an issue that occurred and had a notable impact on the surrounding society’s perception of the organization. You will describe the issue and discuss how the organization responded, as well as […]