Bachelors of Science in Business Administration: Leadership

Red Zuma Project






Bachelors of Science in Business Administration: Leadership

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1. When is the project estimated to be completed? How long will the project take?


The project is estimated to be completed on 1/11/16. The project will take 260 working days.


2. What is the critical path for the project?


The critical path is shown in red on the Gantt chart below. The tasks in the critical path are 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.7, 1.8, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.14, 1.15, & 1.16.


3. Which activity has the greatest amount of slack?


The activity has the greatest amount of slack is task 1.5 Detailed Marketing Plan with a total of 179 days of slack.


4. How sensitive is this network?


The project is not sensitive because the activities that are not on the critical paths have a lot of slack and there is only one critical path.


5. Identify two sensible milestones and explain your choices.


Build Prototypes is most important milestones because based on that then worker know what to build.

Install Production Equipment is also important milestones because if they install something that is not supposed to be installed then project gets delay and it will be over budget.














NETWORK DIAGRAM (With Critical Path)




1. Which if any of the resources are over allocated?


Marketing Specialist, Design Engineer and Industrial Engineer.


2. Assume that the project is time constrained and try to resolve any over allocation problems by leveling within slack. What happens?


When I leveled the slack it removed the over allocation off of the Detailed Marking Plan, but it did not resolve all over allocations. It also reduced the number of slack days on the Manufacturing study by 10 days to 0 days. It also reduced the 179 days of slack on the Details Marketing Plan to 134 days. The Manufacturing Process went from 55 days to 10 days and the Lab Test Prototypes went from 5 to 0 days. The Order Components task did not change and stayed at 27 days of slack.


3. What is the impact of leveling within slack on the sensitivity of the network?

(Include a Gantt chart with the schedule table after leveling within slack).


The Red Zuma project schedule changed with the leveling because it added in multiple paths as well as reducing the overall slack days.


GANTT CHART Leveling within Slack



GANTT CHART Free and Total Slack


4. Assume that the project is resource constrained and no additional personnel are available. How long will the project take given the resources assigned? (Hint: Undo leveling performed in Part A before answering this question.)


With no additional personnel added, the project timeline will need to increase to 310 days with a new finish date of 03/21/2016.


5. How does the new duration compare with the estimated completion date generated from Part 1? What does this tell you about the impact resources can have on a schedule?

The new date is 2 months past the original completion date and added 50 work days to the schedule. Having the required resources is critical to completing each step of a project on schedule. Major delays will happen if they are not allocated properly at the start of the project.















1. What was the impact of introducing Start-to-Start lags to the schedule and budget?

By introducing start-to-start lag into the schedule and budget, it would shorten the overall duration of the project but it increased the budget to support the additional requirements.

2. Which, if any additional personnel assignments, would you choose to complete the project before the January 17th deadline? Explain your choices as well as the reasons for not choosing other options.

The need for additional Industrial Engineers is necessary to complete multiple project steps on time. All other resources have additional capacity to complete their workload within the established timeline.

3. How have these changes affected the sensitivity of the network and the critical path?

With the additional resources the critical path will be able to flow without delays and will be very insensitive overall.


Include a Gantt chart with a schedule table displaying free and total slack for the new schedule.

Note: Do not assign new personnel to specific tasks, simply add them to the Resource Sheet. All new personnel are available full time (100%).

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