Benchmark- Capstone Project Change Proposal

Benchmark- Capstone Project Change Proposal

Dailyn Diaz

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Benchmark- Capstone Project Change Proposal
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COVID 19 is a major challenge in the health sector.

The elderly, above 60 years are at risk of severe COVID 19.

Health sector requires improvements to reduce vulnerability of the elderly against COVID 19.

Intervention involves isolation of the elderly and civic education.

The elderly will receive specialized care to improve immunity during isolation.

Isolation will reduce contact.

The outbreak of COVID 19 was a major test to the health sector in its preparedness to handle pandemics. One of the most affected populations is that of the elderly population, those above the age of 60 years. Due to the reduce immunity system, this population is at risk of severe COVID 19. This EBP proposal proposes the design of isolation rooms for the elderly in the hospital with specialized care as a way of reducing contact as well as giving specialized care to improve immunity.


Evidence Based Literature

Humanistic response is key in dealing with patients.

Clean and isolated environment is key when dealing with a pandemic (Sher & Akhtar, 2018).

Over 22% of US population is aged above 60 years (Daoust, 2020).

Over 50% of those who died from COVID 19 in US are elderly (Daoust, 2020).

Health is a function of the environment.

The elderly may lack knowledge of COVID 19.

Civic education helps reduce risk of contracting diseases.


When dealing with patients, application of humanistic response is crucial. Patients need access to clean and isolated environment when there is a pandemic o reduce the risk of contracting severe disease. With over 22% of the US population being made of those above 60 years, the majority of those who died due to COVID 19 are above the age of 60. It is thus important to have a good and safe environment for this population as well as have specialized care.



To incorporate evidence –based practice in handling the elderly population.

Using evidence-based practice to reduce mortality among the elderly above 60 years.

Create a plan for isolation of the elderly.

Create a plan for civic education among the elderly.

Encourage voluntary testing and isolation.

The objective of this project is to come up with an evidence-based approach that can be used to protect the elderly from COVID 19. The proposal creates a plan for isolation of the elderly and civic education for the population above 60 years to sensitize them on how they can keep themselves safe from COVID 19.


Required Resources

Human personnel will be required to implement the proposed evidence-based solution.

Nurses will be used to train the elderly.

Training material will be required.

Material should be easy to understand by the audience.

Isolation ward will be required.

Ward will be used to isolate the elderly.

Isolation should be accessible to avoid social distancing while keeping physical distance.

Several resources will be key in implementing the proposal. These include human personnel who will train and take care of the target population. The nurses will also require user friendly training material to help in training. There will be a need to have isolation points where the affected patients can kept.


Measurable Outcomes

Success of the proposal will be evaluated based on response of the elderly population.

The turn-up to test for COVID 19 will be the first measurable outcome.

Increase in number of people testing will show a positive response to the change.

The rate of recovery of those isolated will be monitored.

Recovery within two weeks or less will show a positive outcome for the proposal.

The main measurable outcomes in the proposal will be the turn-up of the elderly to test for COVID 19 and the rate of recovery of the patients. The recovery period for non-severe COVID 19 is two weeks and it is prolonged for severe cases. Thus, a faster rate of recovery would show a positive outcome of the proposal.



Several activities will be involved.

Identification of errors during implementation will be done.

The errors identified will be resolved.

The outcome will be compared to available literature.

Further research will be employed.

Response from patients on their experience will be taken to improve the process.


The process of evaluation will involve identification of any errors which may be realized in the process of implementing the proposal. Any errors identified will be resolved immediately. Evaluation will also involve the evaluation of the outcomes and comparing with the available data which is relevant.

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