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The Week 4 Assignment – Bioethical Issue Website Recommendation Blog is worth a potential total maximum of 100 points and there are two components: (1) Part 1: Initial blog post, 150 words minimum, discussing a credible and reliable, scientific website (10 points maximum) that augments what you have already learned about that particular Bioethical Issue. The initial blog post will be scored on topic (10 points), grammar and spelling (10 points), content and discussion of the specific bioethical issue (40 points maximum), submitted on a different day other than Part 2 (5 points) and meeting the minimum blog post length of 150 words (5 points) (2) Part 2: Response blog post to a fellow classmate and it will be scored on grammar and spelling (2.5 points), content and discussion of what was learned about the bioethical issue from the blog post and resource (15 points maximum) and meeting the minimum blog post length of 100 words (2.5 points maximum).


Gene therapy trials New

Posted by   Jasmine Johnson  at Thursday, January 21, 2021 8:55:52 PM

What I’ve learned about gene therapy trials is that research shows that patients with cancer and diseases are notably recommend for gene therapy. For example, there were several trials involving with gene therapy stating that this person by the name of Jessie Gelsinger was the first person to publicly to have died in a clinical trail while receiving gene therapy. Gene therapy is basically a experimental technique for treating different diseases by copying a defective gene in the patient’s cell. Furthermore, gene therapy was designed to introduce cells to compensate abnormal genes or to make beneficial proteins. Also, by mutating genes causing proteins to go missing and with gene therapy was introduced to by a normal copy of gene for restoring of the protein.

What I found helpful while researching for gene therapy trials was that it helped me to go more in depth on this particular topic because I knew nothing about gene therapy but know I have a clear and wide understanding on gene therapy

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