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Case Studies

Patient 1: Lisa

Age: 44

Condition: Newly diagnosed multiple sclerosis

Details: Lisa lives alone and doesn’t have many close friends. Her family is out of state and cannot travel to help with her care or support her. She is quite concerned about how the progression of this disease will impact her ability to care for herself and to work. She is concerned about her future and what will happen to her. What resources might be helpful for her related to her disease?

Patient 2: Lewis

Age: 21

Condition: Crohn’s disease

Details: Lewis is a recent college graduate who still lives at home. He is anxious about how the condition will affect his future and wants to know how he can cope with this disease. What information would you give Lewis about his condition? What are strategies he can use to manage his disease?

Patient 3: Lionel

Age: 68

Condition: Memory problems

Details: Lionel retired from an executive sales position with a large paper company three years ago. Since his retirement, he has joined a gym and attends classes twice per week. Recently, his wife noticed that she is having to remind him to take his medications and that he is misbuttoning his shirts, which leaves him looking disheveled. She is worried that he might be developing dementia, and wonders what she should do. How can you help her? What information and resources might she benefit from?

Copyright 2019 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2019 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved.

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