Case Study Nutrition and Physical Activity

Chapter 12 Case Study Nutrition and Physical Activity

Anna is a 15 year old gymnast, who has experienced a 10 lbs weight loss over the past 3 years. She is 5’3 and weighs 95 lbs. She trains 4 hours a day with her team and then runs 6 miles after practice to make sure she does not get fat. Currently she is below the 1%ile weight for height on the growth chart. While Anna’s parents have noticed that she has gotten thinner, it did not raise any alarms. Her parents were concerned about the future possibility of obesity that could result from the typical teenage eating, so snack foods are severely limited at home, in order to teach Anna how to eat like “an athlete”. Her coach advised her team to avoid all white foods to reduce body fat. This was all discovered when Anna was not able to recover after surgery from a sports injury as fast as she should have because of malnutrition. While in the hospital they diagnosed her with osteopenia and an eating disorder.

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Case Study Nutrition and Physical Activity
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What type of eating disorder was she diagnosed with and why?

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What steps would you take to help Anna?

What would the appropriate amount of calories, carbohydrates and protein needs be for her? Base it on her ideal body weight and her activity level.


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