Chapter 2 Total of 2 pages single space font 12 (the new roman) do item 1 ( one page single space )

of 2 pages single space font 12 (the new roman)
item 1: ( one page single space )

Research Article (Academic Article) for chapter two : Research a scholarly
article, then compose your: (1) Summary your chosen article, (2) Discussions
( more than two concept in the chapter related to the chosen article), and
(3) Recommendations (of your chosen article). Please include the resource

two of the following: ( one page single space )

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write your recommendations ( at lest seven recommendations) on your chosen
most important concepts of the chapter ( different than the above

2. Develop
a ranked list of (in descending order of importance to the organization)
about ten action-oriented recommendations from the chapter’s concepts.
3. an
essay that shows your application of a few important chapter concept(s) to a
real or hypothetical organization, displaying your insights for practice in
can find the book in the below link:

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