Clinical Observation Hours & Reflection

Clinical Observation Hours & Reflection

PT 105

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Clinical Observation Hours & Reflection
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All students are required to observe at least 10 hours of direct physical therapy intervention.

Observation locations are to be set up by the student at a facility of their choice. Students are required

to complete a typed reflection using APA format. This paper will consist of what is observed for types of

treatments, patient diagnoses, safety considerations, and treatments for different cultures. You must

also include answers from the questions below. The completed observation hours will need to be

signed by a supervising PT/PTA/ Rehab Director and include a phone number/address of facility(ies).

This sign off should be typed and printed out by you for your site. This will be further discussed in class.

Students are to wear professional clothing (Herzing polo and name badge) during observation hours.

20→ sign off by facility in requested format (required to achieve grade on assignment)

40 pts→ written reflection paper per rubric

Failure to submit an observation journal will result in automatic failure of PT 105.


Reflect on the course content, clinical experience, and observation hours to answer 4 of the following 7

questions in a thoughtful manner. Uses citations in APA format as appropriate. Submit via Canvas



1. Does the clinical facility have a mission statement? If so, what is it? How can the PTA promote

and/or practice social responsibility, citizenship and advocacy in the realm of physical therapy?


2. How is the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF) relevant to physical

therapy? Provide an examples of a client’s pathology, impairment, activity limitation, and

participation restriction. (Do not use names)

3. Identify 3 communication techniques or behaviors that you feel are necessary for being a member

of an interdisciplinary team. Discuss with your clinical instructor possible referrals your patients may

benefit from. Describe your findings in a narrative.

4. Define appropriate and effective communication. Provide an example of effective communication

observed with any of the following stakeholders; patient, family, therapist, consumer, other team

members, third party payers, and policy makers.

5. Discuss how the PTA followed the principles of legal and safe practice and include one example of

each. Explain how they relate to ethical principles and/or core value as defined by the APTA’s Code

of Ethics and Values Based Behavior for the Physical Therapist Assistant.

6. What are typical factors that influence productivity for this facility? Do they have productivity



7. How does a therapist demonstrate a skilled therapy session? What would be requirements for a

billable service?

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