Code the following: ICD 10 CM CODES

Code the following: ICD 10 CM CODES

4.         Infected breast implants

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Code the following: ICD 10 CM CODES
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5.         Hypokalemia resulting from reaction to Diuril given by mistake in physician’s office

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6.         Parkinsonism, secondary to correct use of haloperidol

7.         Ataxia due to Valium (taken as prescribed) consumed with three martinis

8.         Bradycardia due to ingestion of oleander leaves

9.         Uncontrolled hypertension due to patient having reduced his antihypertensive        medication (patient could not afford it)

10.       Postoperative peritoneal adhesions

11.       Seroma of saphenous vein following cardiac bypass surgery

12.       Headache due to lumbar puncture

13.       Admitted for removal of internal fixation nail in right forearm that has extruded into         surrounding tissue, causing severe pain

14.       Hypovolemic shock due to surgery this morning

15.       Phantom limb with pain following surgical amputation

16.       Methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus infection of transplanted kidney

17.       Neuroma of stump following surgical amputation of left leg

18.       Displacement of cardiac pacemaker electrode

19.       Diplopia due to allergic reaction to antihistamine, taken as prescribed

20.       Coma due to acute barbiturate intoxication, attempted suicide


In: Nursing

Mrs. H, 76-year-old, is brought to the emergency department by her friend who found her lying…

Mrs. H, 76-year-old, is brought to the emergency department by her friend who found her lying on the floor. Mrs. H is screaming that her right leg, which is severely rotated, is hurting so bad, and she can hardly breathe. Mrs. H’s medical record has been retrieved through the electronic medical record retrieval system. Her medical history includes the following:

HTN × 20 years

DM type 2 × 10 years

Thyroidectomy 5 years ago (benign lesions)

Stage 3 renal failure

COPD × 10 years (managed with daily prednisone)

Pernicious anemia × 5 years



(Learning Objectives: 1, 4, and 5)

1. Mrs. H is immediately taken to radiology, and a diagnosis of right hip fracture is confirmed. What findings in her history would increase her risk for a hip fracture and why?

Mrs. H is taken to surgery, and her hip is replaced. She does not understand why she is having pain all down her leg if the problem was the hip.

2. How will you respond?

3. What is bursitis?


In: Nursing

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