Comparing Erikson theory of development to a life course theory in regards to autism.


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All the instructions for this assignment can be found in the attached document.  the book is Human Behavior and the Social Environment. Sixth Edition by Joe Schriver

 Compare an Erikson model of understanding human behaviour or child development to a Life course

theory of understanding development. Contructing an argument which is more useful to understanding

a child with autism.

Or another way to state this essay question would be, compare Erikson vs Life course to child

development with autism.

Note: while writing this essay, you are trying to explain the difference between traditional theory and

alternative perspective.

Hint: Erikson stands for our traditional model of development. And being traditional includes,

pathologizing, exclusion, individualism, etc.

While life course, is more of a mid rage or alternative.

Please, I want you to consider all this points when writing your argumentative essay.

Plus when writing this paper, I want you to write it like someone who has no idea of what autism is

about but knows it’s a disability. So try not to explain what Autism is about but talk about the disability

aspect of it.

Please clearly state your thesis and your argument. For instance, I will argue that…………

Please, I want you to write this essay using simple words and sentences. As I would like to use hints from

this essay to write my final exam. Thanks

Please write this essay in comparing Erikson development from a traditional standpoint and Life course

as an alternative.

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