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In the course project, you will analyze the corporate strategy of a multi-business firm of your choice. Every week, you will analyze particular elements of your selected firm’s corporate strategy, eventually producing an integrated analysis of the corporate strategy by the end of the course. Download the Course Project Guidelines.

Begin by short-listing several firms. First, check for availability of information. It is important that the firm is publicly traded, ideally on the NYSE or NASDAQ, so that it receives extensive media coverage and has to comply with disclosure requirements. You will need access to this information to complete your project tasks.

Your textbook readings will help you identify the basis of firms’ corporate strategies. Use the Web to research your short-listed firms. When you make your final choice, check the following:Level of diversification: The firm should have a moderate-to-high level of diversification; avoid firms with low levels of diversification or very high levels of unrelated diversification.
International operations: Look for a firm that has significant operations in many countries.
Recent events: Look for a firm that has recently engaged in two or more acquisitions, about which you can collect information.
Alliance or joint venture: The firm should be have two or more alliances or joint ventures with other firms as a meaningful part of one or more of its business units’ business-level strategy.

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There are many firms that meet these criteria, and some of them are familiar names.

Based on your research, write short descriptions of each of these items.

Present your work as a 4-page report in a Word document formatted in APA style. Cite any sources on a separate page using APA format

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