Crimes of Privilege: White Collar Crime and the 1 Percent

Topic: can be any one of these.

  • Crimes of Privilege: White Collar Crime and the 1 Percent
  • Corporate Crime, Law and Social Control
  • Drawing Parallels between Corporate Crime and Organized Crime
  • Corporate Crime and the Criminal Liabilities of Corporate Entities
  • White Collar Crime and the Major Financial Debacles in the United States
  • Corporate Crime and It’s Role in Economic Depressions
  • Pursuing Accountability: How Prosecutors Should Punish White Collar Crime  Offenders
  • Corporate Crime and Sentencing in the United States
  • Economics and Organized Crime: Challenges for Criminal Justice
  • Impact of Corporate Crime on Developing Capital Markets
  • The Sociological Origins of White Collar Crime
  • Sentencing Disparities between White Collar Crimes and Street Crimes
  • Gender and the Part it Plays in White Collar Crimes
  • The Global Implications of White Collar Crimes
  • Exploring White Collar Crimes and its Causes
  • Analyzing White Collar Crimes in Wall Street
  • Trusted Criminals: White Collar Crime in Contemporary Society
  • The Social Acceptability of White Collar Crime in the United States
  • The Governments Role in White Collar Crime
  • The Department of Justice’s Culpability in White Collar Crimes

10 pages not included cover and reference page,APA Format, Times New Roman  12 Font, 5 References required.

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Crimes of Privilege: White Collar Crime and the 1 Percent
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Actual topics should be more tightly focused. Please use the Library online database (I like to use Academic Search Premier – Ebsco Host). It is expected that at least five (5) works (not assigned course readings) from scholarly journals, books, or non-scholarly articles in the field will be used (three (3) is the minimum).

The term paper requires that you identify a topic/issue you are interested in that relates to white-collar crime and research the issue in academic journals, books, and non-scholarly articles. In the paper you will need to: (1) define the issue, (2) review the research on the issue, and (3) describe how the issue impacts the nation/the world –and people.

Please cite all of the sources that you use when writing the paper. A citation is necessary for any information that you paraphrase or directly quote. If you do not have direct personal knowledge of the information that you use in the paper, then a citation is required. Please be sure to cite your sources in the body of the paper and list them in your references. Please use the APA format for citations and references and documentation style.

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