Critical Literature Review

Critical Literature Review


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Critical Literature Review
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What is ethics? It’s a set of moral beliefs, but its not restricted to individual perspective. It can be applied to all aspects of life such as on an individual or even in an organization. As individuals it is straight forward when it comes to ethics, as it would basically mean what morals do we hold ourselves to, for some it is to be honest and never hide the truth or for others it would be to show kindness and compassion to others and to help those in need. Ethics as a whole has many morals and values that it consists of and it need not necessarily apply to everyone or for everyone to uphold every ethical values out there, it would vary from person to person based on their own individualism. This goes the same for when ethics are applied in an organizational scenario, ethical values in an organization is how they want to shape their employees and the service that they provide to their clients, employees that join the organization would have to adapt and uphold that the organization values and individuals in managerial roles are expected to impart such values and to maintain the values of the company. We will now go on to discuss and evaluate the ethical values from the two articles that was shown.

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Reading 1 review and argument on type of ethics(add reference from reading):

Article one, presents the challenges and the types of ethical values that bankers experience and what is expected of them when performing their duties. As seen in the article bankers face a highly challenging environment and are subjected to scrutiny, therefore the lines between ethics and the job scope and sometimes blur (Stefano 2013). Managers on the other hand are required to make decisions that would affect the future of the organizations and be able to accept the consequences that arise due to their actions. In the industry as many are commission driven it can lead to various breaches in ethical values and even lead some to ethical dilemmas. The article presents us with the various ethics used in different scenarios and some guidelines that are presented for such individuals to follow such as “treat employees fairly and compassionately”, along side with the rules for ethics in banking, “banks must ensure fair and equitable treatment to all stakeholders and investors, depositors, borrowers and employees”. Based on that the article is mainly about I can be able to see that the main form of ethics that is being used is Teleology, as the article would be able to describe and lay out the ground rules on which the bankers and people in the organization would have to follow, mainly referring to their actions and how they should operate with a form of ethical culture so as to not do anything that is illegal or morally wrong towards their clients and vendors.

Reading 2 review and argument on type of ethics (add reference from reading):

Article two, the focus of the article is to present a study on Moral agency and a systematic analysis of how middle managers handle ethical problems. The study on Moral agency explains the relationship between the thought of self-sanctioning and the means to put it to action. “Another sense of personal moral agency would be to blame other people for bringing suffering on themselves, or devalue them as human beings (Bandura, 1991)”, is a form of workers avoiding self- sanctioning as I can extract from this study is that most individuals have the ability to self-sanction but lack the control to put it into action which in turn would lead them to perform un-ethical actions. Corporate Ethical Virtues (CEV) is able to show how well ethical values are being incorporated into the organizations’ framework (Baker, 2006), CEV and Moral agency are similar in a way that they suggest that is organizations are able to find a way to develop and sustain certain ethical practices, they would be able to increase the organization moral strength and contribute a more ethical organizational environment (Stacy H Lee, 2020). I believe that CEV and moral agency would work hand in hand as it would allow organizations to develop and implement a framework with ethical values for their employees to be able to follow and have the means to check in depth if the framework is working and changes can be made as and when there is a need to.



Conclusions on ethics and on readings:

Article one shows that the use of Teleology ethics is used to justify the way organisations should approach how they attend to their businesses, it emphasizes that the end result of the services that they provide to their customers has to be morally right and legal and should not cheat others for their own personal gain. Article two would show the use of deontology more as they are explaining the different organizational cultures that a company would have and how it would impact one’s ethical reasoning. It would be fair to say that ethics in an organization is something that is not easy to tackle based on the articles as it would depend on the managers and organization as a whole to be able to promote the use of a certain ethical model for the workers to be able to follow and the kind of examples that are being set for them to follow




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