Deadlock –Banker’s Algorithm

Deadlock –Banker’s Algorithm

A system has three resource types (A, B, C) and four processes {P1, P2, P3, P4 }. The total units of system resources are: (8, 5, 4) units of A, B and C, respectively. The maximum demands for each process is P1(1,2,3), P2(3,2,1), P3(6,5,4) and P4(4,4,2). The current allocation is: P1(0,1,1), P2(2,2,0) and P3(3,0,1) and P4(1,0,1).

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Deadlock –Banker’s Algorithm
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(a) Allocation table is given for the 3 processes with the following four columns: PROCESS, ALLOCATION, MAX and NEED. And fill this table with the current allocation state.

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(b) Is this state a safe state? Explain your answer by identifying a successful future sequence of processes that makes the state safe, or by explaining which processes are part of the problem that makes the state unsafe?

PROCESS      ALLOCATION             MAX                 NEED

                            A   B   C                A   B   C            A   B   C

* P0 4 5 0 1 3 6 3 2 6 (*P0 is just an example)

   P1                    0   1   1                1   2   3           

   P2                    2   2   0                3   2   1          

   P3                    3   0   1                6   5   4           

   P4                    1   0   1                4   4   2

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