DEEP MAP OF AN ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE SOCIAL ISSUEPURPOSE: To design a deep map that covers multiple dimensions or multiple layers of how a place and the people and beings in that place are impacted by an environmental racism issue and environmental justice social issue that impacts African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Latinas/os, or new immigrant groups of color, the place, and other beings in that landscape.Provide at least four layers to your map. This could be a narrative (written) map, power point, or another format. Design the deep map in a community-friendly format.Include a public policy or a change in a public policy that relates to the issue.Use at least 6 refereed academic sources. Use proper and formal 5th or 6th edition American Psychological Association or the 6th or 7th edition Modern Language Association style in your reference section and in-text citation. You must have at least between 500 and 1000 words (2-4 pages double spaced) in your deep mapand can include charts and tables, concept maps, comics, or creative imagery as well.If digital, please upload your deep map to the assignments box (formerly the dropbox).GRADE RUBRICAssignment CharacteristicsEvaluationPointsSubstance and ContentIncludes key aspects about the environmental justice issue, environmental racism, and the expanded definition of environmental justice; readable format. Uses terminology from the course and follows above content directions.Presents a multi-layered aspect of the place –at least four layers-Includes public policy component Covers how the environmental injustice negatively impacted a place in a multi-layered wayIncorporates academic research22Mechanics and OrganizationClarity of ideas, spelling, grammar, and punctuation and organization10ReferenceProper and Formal APA or MLA Style10Total42Some Environmental Justice Topics and TermsAsthma and children in low-income communities of colorFood Access and Food DesertsPreservation and Usage of Indigenous FoodsFood Sovereignty MovementPollution of Native LandsTreaty Rights to Hunt and FishAlberta Tar Sands and impacts on Native PeoplesPollution and Development in low-income and communities of colorClimate ChangeMigrant Farm Worker HealthLandfillsWater Pollution and vulnerable communitiesAir Pollution and vulnerable communitiesMountain top coal removal and impacts on peopleAny pollution disasters outlined in the texts or written about by academics (such as Shintech or the Bhopal disaster)Tourism’s negative impacts on environment and Indigenous communitiesEcotourism and issues impacting Indigenous and local communities“Blood diamonds†and other mining issuesChocolate and child laborOil and petroviolenceNational Parks and the Expulsion of Native PeoplesSegregation of parks in the U.S.Neoliberalism Policies impact on the environmentWorking conditions of laborers outside of the U.S. working for transnational companiesWar’s impact on local populations in Iraq and Afghanistan & the environmentUse of depleted uranium in weapons for military forces

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