Department of Mechanical and Construction Engineering Faculty of Engineering and Environment

Department of Mechanical and Construction Engineering Faculty of Engineering and Environment

MCE | Department Education Board Referral/Deferral SEM2 Version 5.3 | Page 1 of 3

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Department of Mechanical and Construction Engineering Faculty of Engineering and Environment
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Deferral/Referral Coursework Specification

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1 Module Information

1.1 Module Title

Building Information Modelling Management, Theory and Practice.

1.2 Module Code Number


1.3 Module Level and Credit Points

Level 7 – 20 credits

1.4 Module Leader

Ray Elysee

1.5 Coursework Title

DEFERRAL/REFERRAL WORK: Task 1 – Literature review (100% of Module Marks)

1.6 Coursework Specification Author

Ray Elysee

1.7 Academic Year and Semester(s)

SEM2 2020

2 Coursework Submission and Feedback

2.1 Release Date of Coursework Specification to Students

17:00 BST on 13th April 2021 (Amended)

2.2 Mechanism Used to Disseminate Coursework Specification to Students

Assessment and Submission folder on Blackboard module

2.3 Date and Time of Submission of Coursework by Students

11:00 BST on 13 May 2021

2.4 The mechanism for Submission of Coursework by Students

Submission is electronic via the Blackboard link in the Referral work > Component 1 Resit folder available in the Assessment page of the module website on eLP.

2.5 Return Date of Unconfirmed Internally Moderated Mark(s) and Feedback to Students

No later than 11:00 BST on 3rd June 2021

2.6 The mechanism for Return of Unconfirmed Internally Moderated Mark(s) and Feedback to Students

Turnitin digital submission portal and/or My Grades on Blackboard module



MCE | Learning and Teaching Version 5.3.i | Page 2 of 3

3 Assessment Details

3.1 Module Learning Outcomes (MLOs) Assessed by Coursework

Knowledge & Understanding: 1. Analyse the role of Building Information Modelling and within the production management process. 2. Formulate solutions to design and its response to emerging offsite processes (modern methods of construction). 3. Justify and defend design or managerial choices made within the production process of a simulated project. 4. Apply disciplinary knowledge and multi-disciplinary skill to overcome complex problems of practice and identify appropriate solutions. 5. Reflect upon learning achieved within integrated collaborative environments.

3.2 Coursework Overview

Literature review: The purpose of this assessment is to for students to engage with peer-reviewed quality academic literature in order to produce an argument critically analysing collaborative working and the design management process on BIM enabled projects.

3.3 Coursework Tasks to be Completed by Students

The submission should be structured as follows:  Commence by contextualising key strategic targets across the Architectural, Engineering and

Construction (AEC) industry in relation to the use of BIM and Modern Methods of Construction.  In the main body of the report the student should make use of a range of quality academic literature

in order to explore collaborative working and the importance of effective building design management processes on BIM-enabled projects.

 Suitable conclusions should then be drawn (as informed by the literature) as how the AEC industry can respond to current challenges and opportunities in this area.

To successfully complete this report a minimum of 20 carefully selected sources should be used to inform the literature review. These are to be relevant peer-reviewed quality academic journal articles. Relevant textbooks and conference papers can also be used to support the review. Web based sources should not be used, and will not be counted as any of these 20 selected sources.

3.4 Expected Size of Submission

(e.g. typical word length, number of pages, time limit for a presentation. If there is a maximum size limit, please specify along with the penalties for exceeding this limit).  4,000 equivalent words (excluding the references section).  Figures (diagrams, illustrations, photographs etc.) and tables are welcome but must be fully

incorporated into the submission, integrated with the text and fully explained as to why they are exhibited. 200 words are counted for each figure/table used.

 The work must form a structured and coherent whole. On the front sheet of the submission, identify the total number of words used (excluding references section) and the number of figures/tables used.

 Penalties for exceeding this limit: If the work exceeds the allowable word limit by 10% (i.e. 300 words) then a 10% marks penalty will apply. This 10% penalty will continually be applied for any additional text that exceed blocks of 300 words thereafter.

3.5 Referencing Style

You are to write your coursework using the Cite Them Right version of the Harvard referencing system. An online guide to Cite Them Right is freely available to Northumbria University students at:

3.6 Assessment Criteria

 Introduction: Provide sufficient contextualisation – 10%  Main Body: Produce a coherent narrative supported by quality academic literature – 60%  Conclusions: Provide an effective summary – 10%  Presentation: Issues of style structure, format, across the report and in the in-text citation and

references sections – 20% Total: 100%



MCE | Learning and Teaching Version 5.3.i | Page 3 of 3

You are expected to fully understand and consider these criteria in preparing the Reports. Full criteria breakdown is also provided at the end of this document.


4 Guidance for Students on Policies for Assessment

The University has several policies for assessment. The following information, which is available to you from the link below, provides guidance on these policies, including relevant procedures and forms.

(1) Assessment Regulations and Policies (a) Assessment Regulations for Taught Awards (b) Group Work Assessments Policy (c) Moderation Policy (d) Retention of Assessed Work Policy (e) Word Limits Policy

(2) Assessment Feedback (a) Anonymous Marking Policy

(3) Late Submission of Work and Extension Requests (4) Personal Extenuating Circumstances (5) Technical Extenuating Circumstances (6) Student Complaints and Appeals (7) Academic Misconduct (8) Student Disability and Unforeseen Medical Circumstances excellence/assessment/guidance-for-students/

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