Develop and Apply a Personal Toolkit for Critiquing Research Articles For this assignment—in which..

Develop and Apply a Personal Toolkit for Critiquing Research Articles

For this assignment—in which for practice purposes, you will evaluate all of the decisions, assumptions, and arguments the researchers made—you will put together your own complete set of questions to use in interrogating research articles.

Part I
Review the resources above and put together a list of questions and strategies you will use to critically read research articles for your dissertation.

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Length: 1page

Part II
Apply the list of questions and strategies you developed in Part I to two articles describing research that contributes to theory in your topic area. Choose short articles (fewer than 10 pages) if possible. Submit your analysis of both articles in a single brief paper. Send your Instructor the articles or links to them. You may organize the paper simply as answers to your Part I questions. Follow APA style only for the reference list.

Length: 3 pages not including title and reference pagesTrochim, W. (2006). Introduction to validity. The Research Methods Knowledge Base.
Read ArticleWebsitesReferenceInstructionDistinguishing Scholarly from Non-Scholarly Periodicals. Cornell University.
View WebsiteLearn How to Write a Review of Literature. University of Wisconsin.
View WebsitePublic Library of Critical Thinking Resources. The Critical Thinking Community.








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            When writing dissertations, students are expected to argue out points based on facts. In order to acquire these facts, students are expected to research the topic they intend to focus on. Often times, students find it quite challenging to analyze the content of their research materials, to solve this issue, a student can come up with questions and strategies aimed at helping the student comprehend what a researc……..


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