Dietetics Question

Dietetics Question

Tracey and her husband have decided that they are ready to have a child, Tracey has been reading everything she can find on pregnancy because she knows that her pre-pregnancy health is important to the success of her pregnancy.

She has just turned 25 and avoids alcohol, does not smoke, does not take any medications, and limits her coffee intake to 4 cups a day and her soft drink intake to 3 colas per day. She has decided to breastfeed her infant and has already inquired about childbirth classes. She has modified her diet to include some extra protein, along with more fruits and vegetables.

Recently, she started swimming 5 days a week and plans to continue swimming throughout her pregnancy. She also has started taking an over-the-counter vitamin and mineral supplement. Tracey and her husband think that they have covered all the key areas of pre-pregnancy care.

List a few positive attributes of her current practices. What are some potential problem areas and information they may have missed?

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