Elements of Organizational Structure

Elements of Organizational Structure

This activity is important because as a manager elements of your organization’s structure will affect how work tasks and decision making are accomplished. One way to understand differences in organizational structures is to evaluate its specific elements, which can affect organizational performance

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Elements of Organizational Structure
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The goal of this activity is to demonstrate your knowledge of organizational structure elements by matching each element to the corresponding scenario. Consider that Alex is a full-time employee who is pursuing his MBA on nights and weekends. For an assignment, he must describe elements of his own organization’s structure. Match his descriptions to the element of structure that he is describing.

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Match each scenario to the corresponding element of organizational structure. Work Specialization Chain of Command 50 Employe

50 employees- alex is one of over 50 employees who report directly to the vice president of marketing.


Final Say- alex and his coworkers are given the freedom to make the final decisions that are within their job scope.


Discretion- Although there is a set of guidelines for his job, Alex has a lot of discretion.


Many Responsibilities- Alex takes on many responsibilities in the office he’s technically a market analyst, but often involved in designing campaigns and managing accounts.


Reporting- Alex reports to the marketing director,regardless of what project he is working on.

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