Entrepreneurs Joe Stengard and his wife Jackie Piel had a decision to make. Located just outside.. 1 answer below »

Entrepreneurs Joe Stengard and his wife, Jackie Piel; had a decision to make. Located just outside of St. Louis, Missouri, their five-year-old company, S&P Crafts, was growing rapidly, and they were in desperate need of more space to make their custom ordered craft kits. A move always involves a certain measure of risk, so the couple was hesitant to transfer the company s operations. However, an economic development organization in Warren County, Missouri, offered attractive incentives in the form of tax breaks and financial assistance if they would move to a new facility in the rural town of Hopewell. Initial research indicated that a local workforce was readily available and had skills appropriate to the operation, so Stengard and Piel decided to move. Since the change of address, company sales have tripled. And the new facility has grown from 10,000 square feet to 40,000 square feet in just two short years. 1. How important was the location decision for these two entrepreneurs? Why? Question 2.What types of permits and zoning ordinances did Stengard and Piel need to consider before deciding to relocate? 3. How could Stengard and Piel use the Internet to expand their business?

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